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At Ozability we create, build and design innovative housing solutions that assist in a participant’s independence, choice and control, access to supports and overall wellbeing. SDA offers investors an incredible opportunity for effective small and large-scale impact investment in housing. Impact investing is defined as investments made with the intention to generate positive and measurable social and/or environmental impact alongside a financial return. The NDIS provides sizeable return on investment on these creative housing solutions for those that contribute to this impactful partnership.

With years of experience working with architects and town planners, we can help guide you though making the best choice of your SDA investment.

What’s next?

1. Do you have an existing property you are looking to convert or a new build?

2. What building type are you interested in.
E.g. Apartments, semi attached and detached properties.

3. Design category?
E.g Improved Liveability, Fully Accessible, Robust or High Physical Support.

4. Do you have a preferred location or would you like Ozability to assist in choosing a desirable suburb?


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