The Blossom

Mambourin, VIC
The Blossom offers all of the conveniences of city living, but without the city. Based in Mambourin, a growing town southwest of Melbourne, The Blossom is a brand-new, 2-bed house. Offering a well-rounded lifestyle, Mambourin is a growing area with direct transport links into Melbourne CBD as well as nearby parks, wetlands and shopping centres for you to explore locally. The Blossom, is a robust SDA home in Mambourin, Victoria. Available through Ozability Homes, we’re offering sole occupancy as well as BYO supports. That means the resident not only benefits from a NDIS dwelling, but their new home gives them choice and independence. This home is offered under the NDIS and is available for people eligible for robust SDA in their NDIS plan. The Blossom provides modern living amenities, including an open plan design, as well as specially designed robust features. This includes durable fixtures, reinforced walls and windows, soundproofing, an overnight assistance room and more. Get in touch today to arrange a viewing of this robust Specialist Disability Accommodation home near Melbourne today.

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2 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms

Ground floor

1 Garage

Key Features

Courtyard, sound insulation, recessed lighting fixtures, high-impact fixtures

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Limited spots available.

Types of Accommodation

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